Our clay artisans work in a variety of clays, glazes and firing methods. They produce functional pottery such as high-fire stoneware, ash glazed and porcelain mugs, serving pieces and vases as well as decorative tiles, Raku and redware pottery.

Please browse the representative sampling of their work below.

Sara Baker Pottery

Stoneware mugs and serving pieces.

Kurt Brantner

Wood fired pottery

Butterfield Pottery

Hand-painted porcelain vases, trays, serving bowls, mugs, butter dishes.

Ed & Kate Coleman

Ceramic clocks & “Clique” ceramic tiles.

Parran Collery

Eartha decorative wall tiles.

Pam Cummings

Stoneware Pottery

Dianne Fox

Hand sculpted and painted miniature porcelain and stoneware figurines.

Lana Heckendorn

Hand decorated porcelain bowls, pitchers, mugs, jars.

Maureen Joyce

Face mugs, face utensil and flower pots.

Kristin Kest

Monster pots

Motawi Tiles

Decorative wall tiles

One Acre Ceramics

 Stoneware mugs and bowls

Pottery Mountain

Lesley Reich hand lettered porcelain quote bowls.

Willow Creek Pottery

Glazed stoneware dinnerware, serving pieces and mugs

Royce Yoder

 Ash glazed stoneware serving pieces, bowls and mugs.