A variety of metals are used to create the functional as well as sculptural work on display.  There are stainless steel, copper and brass wall and plant sculptures, copper and brass garden ornaments and magic wands, wrought iron kitchen tools and candle holders, pewter leaf bowls and Christmas ornaments.

Please browse the representative sampling of their work below.

Drawn Metal Studio

Aluminum and steel wire tabletop and wall sculptures

Trudi Gilliam

Handcrafted copper & brass wall and tabletop sculptures

Jason Lyons

Handcrafted metal animals.

Scott Nelles

Cast bronze and aluminum sculptures

QMT Wind Chimes

Copper Vein Corinthian Bells wind chimes. Hand tuned to the scale of E.

John Running

Steel dragonfly sculptures

Ron Stinson

Stainless steel garden and indoor sculptures

Burford Suppes

Nailprints nativities and wall crosses